Clanwilliam-Galbally-Kilfeacle (aka Galtee Rugby) U16s win Munster Bowl Final  

On a bright afternoon in March, Galtee Rugby came of age in the intense bowl surroundings of Musgrave Park, Cork.

‘Galtee Rugby’, a concept developed to keep boys playing rugby, delivered in spades as players from Clanwilliam F.C., Galbally RFC and Kilfeacle & District RFC defeated Dungarvan RFC in a pulsating final.

Galtee Rugby dominated the opening phases of the final, but Dungarvan held out and cleared; setting the tone for a cut-and-thrust encounter.

A superb penalty from wide on the left by No.8 Cian Mc Grath gave Galtee rugby the lead on 10 minutes.

Dungarvan turned over a sloppy lineout to force a goal-line stand on 15 minutes but the committed and well organised defence of Galtee Rugby held them up, with Captain and leader Evan Ryan getting under the ball. A goal-line drop out cleared the lines.

Another towering penalty from the left by Cian Mc Grath made the score 6-0 after 18 minutes.

Galtee Rugby now took the initiative and after several strong carries by the pack, notably by second-row John Ryan, quick hands and clever footwork put the quicksilver fullback Josh Creighton-Snow over for an unconverted try on the right.

A last ditch covering tackle by the outstanding Snow stopped Dungarvan from getting a try just before half-time, leaving Galtee Rugby with a commanding 11-0 lead at the break.

In the second half, a disastrous exit from from the kickoff allowed Dungarvan in immediately to cut the lead to 11-7. However, the Galtee boys composed themselves, to force field position and another superb Mc Grath kick put them 14-7 ahead.

There followed 15 minutes of unrelenting Dungarvan pressure. A goalline stand on 50 minutes was repulsed by ferocious tackling, and the ball was held up over the line by Ryan Lonergan for a goal line dropout.

All throughout the season Galtee Rugby have been noted for their superb defence, and the final was no different, with two simply sensational interventions from Josh Snow helping to keep the line intact. The first tackle brought down the impressive Dungarvan centre in the Galtee ’22’, after he had broken tackles on the left. The second was worthy of any rugby final; following a searing break in the centre, during which Snow was side-stepped, he miraculously recovered, made up the ground, and as Dungarvan players prematurely celebrated, he somehow caught and grounded his opponent under the posts.

The remaining minutes were hectic, with Galtee Rugby having to tackle for their lives.

The final whistle was greeted with jubilation as parents and supporters from all three clubs invaded the pitch to celebrate.

The final scoreline was Clanwilliam-Galbally-Kilfeacle (aka Galtee Rugby) team 14 points – Dungarvan RFC 7 points, and Munster Branch Chairman Ralph O’Leary presented the Munster Club U16 Bowl to winning captain Evan Ryan.

Clanwilliam-Galbally-Kilfeacle U16s 2022 (aka Galtee Rugby)

Clanwilliam F.C. would like to congratulate all of the Clanwilliam-Galbally-Kilfeacle players and all involved with the Galtee Rugby team on their fantastic achievement in winning the Munster Club 2021 U16 Bowl Final in Musgrave Park, Cork on Sunday 27 March 2022.

A final special mention for the eight Clanwilliam players in the Galtee Rugby side; Drew Looby, Adam Kuss, Ryan Lonergan, Finn Lennon, Tom Hannigan, Josh-Creighton-Snow, David Moloney and Captain Evan Ryan.